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The Anatomy of A Tango: The Responsible Initiator – What It Means To Be A Leader

  There is a saying in the world of social dance that goes, “In tango, it’s always the man’s fault.” This succinctly describes what being a leader in tango means. To be a leader means to guide the follower to... Read More

The Anatomy Of A Tango: The Secrets Of The Embrace

  In any partner dance, certain things need to be agreed upon and adhered to for there to be a partnership and for that partnership to operate and function gracefully and harmoniously. In tango, the foundational element of the dance... Read More

The Anatomy of A Tango: The Conscious Receiver – What It Means To Be A Follower

  Let us now take a closer look at tango’s second position. Far from being subordinate, the follower has equal status to the leader and in fact, is instrumental in being the initial impetus for the dance to commence. Being... Read More

Creating A Beautiful Dance In Your Relationships: Introducing The 22Tango Show With Linda Sutton

  If there is one word to describe the dance, tango, it would be spell-binding. It is simply an amazingly magical thing to witness, seeing two people become one with their synergy and dynamic. What if you take this to... Read More