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Trust In Relationships Through The Lens Of Tango

  They say trust is like a mirror. Once broken, you never look at it in the same way again. Be it in either your relationship with God, partner, family, nature, or nation – trust is important. In this episode,... Read More

Intimacy In God’s Way: On Seeing Sex And Relationships Through The Context Of Faith With Brian Evans

  We’re in a culture now where intimacy is a word used within the sexual or romantic context. Rarely do we associate it with faith or our relationship with God. Having found God as his superpower, Brian Evans of Brian Evans Unleashed joins... Read More

Anatomy Of Tango: Passion, Intimacy, And Relationship

  There is an old adage that says, “It takes two to tango.” For a partner dance to work, two people have to be in tempo. In this first episode of The 22Tango Show, Linda Sutton talks about the anatomy... Read More

Creating A Beautiful Dance In Your Relationships: Introducing The 22Tango Show With Linda Sutton

  If there is one word to describe the dance, tango, it would be spell-binding. It is simply an amazingly magical thing to witness, seeing two people become one with their synergy and dynamic. What if you take this to... Read More