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If there is one word to describe the dance, tango, it would be spell-binding. It is simply an amazingly magical thing to witness, seeing two people become one with their synergy and dynamic. What if you take this to your relationships? How can you create a dynamic that is as passionate as two people who are in step with one another? Linda Sutton introduces The 22Tango Show, where she shows a new vision for relationships that are harmonious, passionate, playful, and purposeful not only between you and your partner but also with your family, friends, and loved ones. In this episode, Linda shares her journey towards learning different dances and finding lessons in each of them that we can apply to how we handle our relationships. Join her across this podcast as you engage and create a beautiful dance of your relationships because, as they say, “to become one, it takes two to tango.”

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Creating A Beautiful Dance In Your Relationships: Introducing The 22Tango Show With Linda Sutton

Welcome to the show where our role and our goal is to help you with all of your relationships, from your relationship with God and self, intimate partner and family, community, nature and nations. I am excited to share with you a new vision for relationships. For anyone that is familiar with the dance of the Tango, The 22Tango Show is from the idea that it takes two to Tango. If you’ve ever seen the dance, it is spellbinding. Usually, you see a man dressed in some dashing debonair suits and a woman in a beautiful dress. When they come together in the dance, it has so much passion. It’s so compelling. There’s so much energy. There’s so much synergy.

You see the man and the woman as they dance, they’re dancing as if they’re one person. It is such an amazingly, magical and enchanting thing to witness. If you’re like me, if you’ve ever seen that dance, it takes your breath away to see that. Sometimes, you might even think to yourself like, “What if I could have that energy in my relationship? What if I could have that synergy and that dynamic where two become one?” As they say in the Tango, “It takes two to Tango.” What if I could have that in my relationship? What if my relationship with my partner was this passionate and we were in step with one another? We created this dynamic that when people watched us, they stopped in their tracks and watch this and observed us. It was magical and enchanting.

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What if my relationship with my children has as much playfulness and joy? My interactions with others, what if there was this harmony that we could have different perspectives, different roles, different positions, but we could still have that synergy that occurs when we come together that creates this beautiful dance in our relationships? What if you could have that? Not only if you could have that in every area of your life from even how you relate to yourself to how nations interact with one another. What if you could have that every single day in some way, shape, form or fashion, that harmonious, passionate, playful, purposeful relationship in your life?

That is what we are here to share with you on the show. It is exciting to share with you that I am a professional dancer and have been a professional dancer of Argentine Tango, and other world dance forms for double-digit years. It is exciting to share with you because if you’re like me and you have success in other areas of your life, but this place of relationship is a key place that you want to have success in. You may have success in your career. You may have success in your business, even financially, but in the space and place of relationships, you may be struggling to figure out, “How can I be successful in that role in the relationships in my life?” Even more importantly, “How can I be successful in my relationships on a consistent basis?” It’s all about being consistent in your relations.

My journey began because in my career, I’m a process person. My background is in health policy and administration. I started my career as a process consultant. Taking processes and breaking them down so that other people can follow them and replicate them has always been a part of my professional framework. It’s significant here because as I approach dance, that same set of skills came to play. I started out with one of the big eight consulting firms at this top of my career as a process and management consultant. Through a process of self-discovery and soul searching, I decided at a young age to retire from my professional career to enjoy my life early. I wanted to enjoy my best years.

My rationale was why would I wait till the end of my career to retire and then enjoy my life? Why don’t I get my retirement years’ “retired lifestyle” during my youthful years and enjoy life in this place? I left my big eight consulting firm position to pursue dance instruction, training, consulting and performance as a career. Even more specifically, it’s not just dance from a cultural art standpoint, but ways that dance and culture could be used to help people problem-solve. One of the reasons that was important to me is as a kinesthetic learner, I find that kinesthetic and sentient learning was my primary modality. I always found that a lot of the areas that I worked in, people were primarily audio and visual learners, and so they would present audio and visual solutions.

22T 2 | Dance In Relationships

Dance In Relationships: Once you start to apply the insights and understandings that you can get from what you can visualize or experience in dance to your everyday life, you will experience a complete transition formation in your relationships.

As a kinesthetic and sentient person, I would be struggling, fidgeting to make it all work, and to understand it because I understand things through experience and movement. Moving through things, feeling and getting involved is the way that I learn things, retain information, and problem solve. I had a special approach in terms of using dance in the cultural arts standpoint, but also from a way of how do I use dance to help people connect to understand a subject matter, whatever that subject matter was. That was my niche in teaching dance.

I got an opportunity to travel all around the world. My special form was exploring African dance throughout the diaspora. All the places where African dance had influenced dance forms all around the world were my specialty. Throughout that process, I was teaching African dance forms at two universities, teaching African dances culture, and also African dance forms throughout the diaspora at two different universities in North Carolina. It so happens that on one particular day as I had left one of my classes and was walking across the campus, I found a slip of paper that was on the ground. If you know anything about Charlotte, North Carolina, which was where I was based, it is a pretty pristine city for the most part, they take a great deal of pride. This particular piece of paper caught my attention because it’s not something that you would normally see like litter. It was not something that you saw on most campuses, definitely not on this campus, and pretty much the city.

The wind had picked it up and it was blowing across my path, so I scurried to pick it up and there was a piece of paper on Tango lessons. I said, “Another dance form.” I jokingly said to myself, “I work for dance. I worked for a play. Why not?” That was the beginning of my journey. I started doing a little bit of research on the roots of Argentine Tango and found that it has its roots in African dance. It was even more motivation for me to explore it in greater detail because that was my area of expertise.

Once I started to get past the history, the cultural richness of it, and its connection to African dances throughout the diaspora, as I got a chance to take some classes myself and experience it, I realized that not only was it a dance form that required the most of me, I also began to see that the secrets and steps that were necessary in order to create a harmonious dance were the same secrets and steps that were required to create a harmonious dynamic between any two people in a relationship, and especially in intimate relationships. From that moment forth, I realized the steps and the secrets that are required to get in step within seconds with your dance partner, what if you could apply that same strategy, that same step-by-step process to get in step with your partner in a relationship?

Once that realization and that a-ha moment occurred to me, it became my life mission to figure out, unearth, and create a step-by-step process that retools and reverse engineered that dance process to help people. Not only to be able to use it in their relationship, but also give them a new understanding that sometimes those relationship-based discussions that may seem abstract and ethereal, that once you could see a working example of it in terms of in a dance floor and in a dance context, the light bulbs would go off and sometimes it would make perfect sense to you.

Sometimes issues in relationships such as trust, relationship roles, relationship dynamics, communication such as listening and being attentive, attention to details, what it means to be in alignment with one another, what it means to be in step and in sync with one another in relationships where you get thrown off balance, all of these relationship issues that show up. What does it mean to have conflict intention and resistance in a relationship? How do you handle missteps in a relationship in places where you’re not in sync with one another and you do not quite understand one another? All of these things show up in dance. As you learn to work through these issues in a relationship that shows up in a dance, you can translate those awareness, insights, and a-ha moments into your everyday relationship and interaction with others. Once you start to apply the insights and understandings that you can get from what you can visualize or experience in the dance into your everyday life, you will experience a complete transformation in your relationships. That means all of your relationships as we like to say here, all of your relations.

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What can you expect from the show as we engage in this dance of relationships? Number one, this show is for dancers and nondancers. If you’re a person who has never danced before, that is okay. We’re going to break down these relationships, these dance concepts in a way that you can visualize in my description here in every episode. You may see if there are corresponding visuals that are mentioned. You’ll see those that will help you to understand better the different concepts and constructs that we are describing. Some of it you have already seen. Maybe you have even seen a dance, but you didn’t understand the dynamic that was in play. Having an insight into what is going on when you see a dance will help you even if you’re a nondancer. You can use those same strategies and tools in your interactions with others.

If you are a dancer, this will help you go into a deeper dive in developing deeper and deeper connections with those that you are dancing with on the floor. You may not have even thought about how you could relate and use these strategies and tools that you already have in your toolbox off the dance floor. When I take yoga, they talk about yoga on and off the mat. In Tango, it’s equally the same. You have Tango on and off the dance floor. If you are a dancer, then you can apply these tools and skills in your on and off the door interactions.

In this show, you can expect to hear directly from me in my years and years of expertise in not only dancing myself with thousands and thousands of both men and women over my entire career, getting up into the tens of thousands of people that I have danced with and coached over the years, and the insights of working with that many individuals to help you understand the patterns that will naturally show up in your verbal and nonverbal communication, that will give you some insights into what’s going on in the dynamic. I will be speaking to you directly, and then I will also be bringing in experts from every area of relationship expertise to assist you, and to get a very well-rounded holistic perspective of all of your relationships, but always through the lens of dance. Everyone says that I see everything through the lens of dance or Tango. You’ll always get that back to have that.

More importantly, one of the things that I want you to get is that our goal and our role is to have lots and lots of fun, to make this process be one that brings greater joy, playfulness and happiness into your life, and to bring that playfulness into your interactions with all of the people in your life and to bring the spirit of joy. Most importantly, bringing that spirit of playfulness and joy into your intimate relationships and the dance of romance that is the Tango of your life.

22T 2 | Dance In Relationships

Dance In Relationships: Bring that spirit of playfulness and joy into your intimate relationships and the dance of romance that is the tango of your life.


We’re so excited. We’ve got a lot of wonderful things lined up for you. If there’s anything that you are interested in seeing specifically, if you have questions, I’m going to answer some of your questions. We’ll have the interviews, we’ll have the interactions, and many ways for you to engage with us in the dance of romance here on the show. Once again, you can check out The 22Tango Show here. You can always check out the additional information, whether it’s related to the show that you’re seeing, the episode that you’re reading, the webcast, the podcast or the blog on the website, www.The22TangoShow.com. As we always say on the show, it not only takes two to Tango but absolutely it takes you to Tango.