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Step #1:

Check out this episode of the show with Brian Evans of Brian Evans Unleashed to get a feel for the flow of the show.


22T 11 | God And Intimacy

Step #2:

Friend or Follow Linda Sutton on Social Media using the following links so she can promote and tag you when your episode airs.

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What do you get from an interview on The 22Tango Show?

1) A video, podcast, and blog of the interview linking back to you, your show, and your website.

2) Automatically get featured on 10+ podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeart through our distribution channels and our 25,000+ listeners per month.

3) Automatic promotion through the 50,000+ weekly reach in our newsletter and web traffic.


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5) You will receive a full graphics marketing package with a quote from Linda Sutton about you or your show, including video clip and audiogram.