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Rites Of Passage And Its Impact On Relationships

  Rites of passage are an acknowledgment and an understanding that you will come and approach and go through several “anticipated” and “known” life phases as you mature. In this episode, Linda Sutton explains why undergoing rites of passage is... Read More

Going Beyond Tango Adornments And Deep Into Your Techniques

  Tango adornments refer to the unique styling that flourishes the dance itself. But it is far different from Tango techniques, which is all about the dancer’s actual proficiency. Linda Sutton breaks down the main differences between the two and... Read More

Trust In Relationships Through The Lens Of Tango

  They say trust is like a mirror. Once broken, you never look at it in the same way again. Be it in either your relationship with God, partner, family, nature, or nation – trust is important. In this episode,... Read More

The Basics Of The Divine Design Of Woman

  After reading a meme showing a dialogue between a young lady and a young gentleman, which encapsulated the common misconceptions about womanhood, Linda Sutton decided to discuss the issue in today’s episode. The divine design of woman, her biological... Read More

Intimacy In God’s Way: On Seeing Sex And Relationships Through The Context Of Faith With Brian Evans

  We’re in a culture now where intimacy is a word used within the sexual or romantic context. Rarely do we associate it with faith or our relationship with God. Having found God as his superpower, Brian Evans of Brian Evans Unleashed joins... Read More

The Number One Piece of Information You Must Have To Make Any Important Relationship Decision

  Are you in a crash-and-burn relationship? Full of passion one time and the next, you feel like they were going to destroy your life. Do you find yourself stuck in this loop, that no matter how many times you’ve... Read More

The Anatomy Of A Tango: The Rules That Govern The Roles

  Everything in tango is governed by principles. The steps or figures that you see are merely the results of successfully executing these rules. Like many aspects of this beautiful art, the principles of tango also have close parallels in life... Read More

The Battle Of The Sexes: A Hebraic Analysis Of The Original Relationship With Kisha Gallagher

  Where did the battle of the sexes begin? Linda Sutton’s guest today is Kisha Gallagher, a Creation Gospel trainer and a former co-host on Hebrew Nation Radio’s Morning Show. Kisha dissects Adam and Eve’s relationship in the Garden of Eden through Hebraic lenses... Read More

The Anatomy of A Tango: The Responsible Initiator – What It Means To Be A Leader

  There is a saying in the world of social dance that goes, “In tango, it’s always the man’s fault.” This succinctly describes what being a leader in tango means. To be a leader means to guide the follower to... Read More