Linda Sutton is an exceptional recording and performing artist who specializes in world dance forms. Sutton’s mission is to serve as a cultural ambassador – bridging people, communities, and classes.

Linda is proud to have shared with well over 100,000 people of all ages in live audiences, and millions of people through various television show appearances and performances throughout the world.

Linda creates work that speaks to the human spirit– creating a dance with words that stimulates the mind, body, and soul.

Speaking with her body, dancing with words.


Linda Sutton grew up in Bronx, New York and has always been driven by strong ambitions—even as a girl she was never afraid to dream big. Today, Linda is an international performing and recording artist, a trainer, inspirational speaker, instructor, as well as an expert in world dance and cultural art forms and a healthy lifestyle spokesperson. She has extensive experience in designing and facilitating cultural entertainment for diverse audiences of all ages. One of Linda’s favorite quotes, written by Maya Angelou is “Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances.” Linda sees this rhythm and has the unique ability to translate relationship dynamics through the lens and practice of tango.

Linda has been sharing her passion for dance as the Executive Producer of the award-winning television show the 22Tango Show with Linda Sutton, for over 10 years. Additionally, Sutton and her team launched the 22Tango Television Channel on ROKU and Amazon Fire TV streaming TV platforms. Her unique combination of corporate experience with performing arts expertise blends together flawlessly creating a spectacularly energetic performance sure to inspire.

Linda has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with notable Best-Selling Authors and Superstars such as Barbara DeAngelis, Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols, and T Harv Eker. She has worked alongside companies like Peak Potentials Training and TruSage as a featured multi-presentation trainer, presenting to large audiences. Linda has been honoured to share her passions with hundreds of thousands of people of all ages in live audiences, and millions of viewers through various television shows and performances broadcast all over the world. Linda loves to travel, and her multifaceted career has granted her plenty of opportunities to do so.

The press has extensively covered Sutton’s work as a spoken word artist, poet, speaker, and performance artist. She is a popular performer and speaker for children, family, and adult audiences alike. Author of 22Tango Experience: Taking the First Step, Koukou: Crazy with Joy, and Ekonkon: The Rice Harvest Dance books and multimedia kits, Linda shows her ability to lend her creativity to many art forms. She has written travel and special feature articles for The Charlotte Post and released two music recordings: Interplay the strings project, world music spoken word album and ASHE! the Next Step, a cultural music and storytelling project for school-age children.

Linda has acted as principal dancer and artistic director of several professional dance and cultural arts companies and served as faculty at the Community School of the Arts, North Carolina Dance Theatre, as well as the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Johnson C. Smith Universities. Linda was the co-founder of EmotionL Dance International and is the founder and artistic director of Spirit
TranscenDance World Dance Company and 22Tango Training Company. She has received a number of awards and fellowships in culture and education.

Linda’s knowledge of more than twenty different dance and movement forms is a testament to her love of the art form. She prides herself in her ability to craft custom presentations for her clients, helping them to achieve their personal and professional development objectives in high energy, high impact, experiences, all while keeping a smile on their faces.

Linda attributes her passion and boundless energy to the adoption of a healthy lifestyle that supports her intensive work. Her mind, body and spirit are her tools for creating and taking care of them is of high priority for Linda. She is also a prevalent spokesperson for vegan diet and is a shining example of the benefits of adopting the lifestyle. Another addition to Linda’s long list of achievements is her B.S. in Public Health with a concentration in Health Policy and Administration from the The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Throughout the past decade, Linda continues to work in public health by aiding various health food companies on educational efforts, most notably as co-designer and co-facilitator of a North Carolina statewide lecture and food preparation tour called U Do it Raw and Live, an introduction to raw and live food lifestyles, sponsored by Flora, Inc. Linda has worked with Etta Vinik, the Director of Education at the Strelitz Diabetes Institutes, to generate nutrition and exercise intervention programs with the ultimate goal of developing plans suitable for national distribution.

Linda also joined efforts with Dr. Neal D. Barnard (scientist, physician, and author) as a guest speaker and cooking instructor in Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Barnard authored the ground-breaking study showing the positive impact of the vegan diet on diabetes. Linda plans to weave together her expansive talents and knowledge to create unique projects that will result in the next “food revolution.”

Sutton’s mission is the facilitation of optimal physical, mental, emotional, fiscal, and spiritual health—to be obtained through a healthy lifestyle centered on holistic nutrition and movement. Through her books, seminars, and culinary experiences, Sutton intends to show others how they can change their lives for the better. Her level of passion and energy, combined with the beauty of the experiences she creates, speak to the human spirit, leaving Linda’s audiences spellbound and stimulated mind, body, and soul. Even as a girl who wished to be a dancing astronaut, Linda never imagined she would see so many of her dreams and goals come to fruition.


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